March 30, 2011

Fashion-ista it up

OH FASHION. Shoes, Hair Accesorries, dresses, tops, jackets, pants. All amazing finds! But the most important part of fashion is styling yourself, being unique in your own way. Whether your style is indie-vintage, preppy, or boho, styling your outfits is a true sense of self.

First of all, NEVER follow the status-quo, dress yourself how you like too. Don't be afraid of others judging you, go crazy! Life is full of chances, and fashion is definitely one of them. Shop at your fave stores, and look for bargains.
*A helpful tip: Instead of buying one really expensive item of clothing, go on a splurge and buy an array of different clothes! For more expensive items go to: or American Apparel, if you like to be on the cheaper side, Forever 21 Vintage and H&M are amazing brands while being on the cheap side of the price tag.

Needless to say, GO ALL OUT. BE CRAZY. EXPRESS YOURSELF. But make SURE you have the perfect outfit, while it is okay to lounge in sweats and a zip up over the weekend, whenever you go out, make sure you look your best! After all, 1st impressions are everything darling!
*Helpful tip: To dress down an outfit- Add a piece of more casual clothing, such as a big comfy sweater or a chunky necklace with dress. Or you can add a pair of funky colored tights to a a fancy dress. To dress things down- always add a baggy sweater or a chunky necklace. This gives it a casual theme while still making it CLASSY :)

Last Tip: Remember, don't mismatch a lot of things, but do a few so you can keep it interesting. If you wear all one color, it probably isn't the BEST choice. Mix-n-match isn't a bad thing, but know when to stop. Also, just choose a few accesories, because if you have too many you will look WAYYY to busy.

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March 25, 2011

A Love-ly Mixtape

Hi everyone! One of the things that I love a lot is music, so I've made a mixtape consisting of some of my favorite songs. You can download all 18 songs for free here.

1. Osaka Loop Line // Discovery
  • This has a fun rhythm to it and is great for listening to anytime.
2. Every Goliath Has Its David // The Boy Least Likely To
  • The ultimate feel-good song, I think! Even the title sounds promising.
3. Happy As Can Be // Cut Off Your Hands
  • I feel that this song is a little bittersweet, but I like it all the same. 
4. Santa Marina // For Serious This Time
  • I can't really tell what most of the lyrics are, but it's super catchy and very upbeat.
5. If Looks Could Kill // Camera Obscura
  • Influenced by The Supremes and Jimmy Webb (just to name a few), Camera Obscura's third EP "Let's Get Out Of This Country" is fantastic. This song is my go-to for days when I feel less than okay.
6. Crystalised // the XX
  • A little dark, but then again...not? Anyways, the XX were ranked #9 on Rolling Stone's "best of the year" list in 2009, and all of their songs are pretty great.
7. GfC // Albert Hammond, Jr.
  • This song reminds me of warm days with lots of sunlight. (trivia: Albert Hammond, Jr. is a part of the Strokes (see track no. 16).)
8. D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) // Justice
  • Whether you realize it or not, I'm sure you've heard the original song before. This remix is my favorite!
9. What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club
  • This is the most catchy out of all their songs. I think it was influenced by the old rock band Rooney, but it's just a theory!
10. Hummingbird // Born Ruffians
  • Born Ruffians has a very raw style that I really enjoy. It's hard to explain, make sure to listen to this one!
11. Boy Lilikoi // Jónsi
  • Jónsi is a part of the post-rock band Sigur Rós, which also has a lot of great music. Although most of their songs are in Icelandic, they're skilled enough to get their message across through the music itself.
12. Green Eyes // Wavves
  • Another lo-fi song! Wavves are becoming pretty popular, and with good reason.
13. they'll like me when i'm sick // flatsound
  • This is one of those depressing songs that I torture myself with when I'm already sad. But it's a great song nevertheless!
14. Baby Don't Go // Dum Dum Girls
  • Another melancholic lo-fi song, that's a little bit more sad in my opinion.
15. Cause=Time // Broken Social Scene
  • It's a very mellow song, and I like listening to it while doing homework.
16. 12:51 // The Strokes
  • I love this song so much! It's slightly playful (or more so than their other songs, anyways), and it's just really fun to listen to.
17. The Afterlife // YACHT
  • Unless you're already a fan of electronic artists such as Crystal Castles or the XX (see track no. 6), you'll find this song pretty weird. But it's an acquired taste; give it a try!
18. White Corolla // Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
  • The narrative lyrics may seem a little cliche at first, but the song itself is one of my absolute favorites. I pretty much recommend all songs by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone! (Love Connection is peculiar but amazing, and I like to think that Hot Boyz mocks popular music nowadays.)
Have fun listening, and I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!                       --J

March 23, 2011

Shoes: The Love of My Life

I think my obsession with shoes started around the time I was 3 and watched Cinderella for the first time. Most people like Cinderella because of the whole “Rags to Riches” theme. However, 3-year old me took away a much deeper meaning: “with a good pair of shoes, anything’s possible. I mean, after all, if Cinderella hadn’t had her special glass slippers, she never would have gotten married to her prince. Obviously. And so began my search for the perfect pair of shoes. Although unlike Cinderella would lead you to believe, I don’t think there’s just one perfect pair of shoes. So far, I’ve found at least 15 perfect pairs. One for each occasion, as needed. Below are just a few of my faves:

Edgy and comfortable, these are seriously the best pair of combat boots I’ve ever had. The inside is a bright, metallic blue and the fabric on the sides prevent them from being just any old boring pair of boots. Love them!!

Jimmy Choo wows again with these delicate and gorgeous sandals. Sadly, these simply stunning silver sandals are probably a little much for my everyday life, but you never know when you’ll need a pair of shoes to give you a confidence boost, which these high heels surely will!
Perfect for walking around the streets of New York (or you know…any city…) fashionable sneakers have saved my life more times than I can count. They’re cute, they’re comfortable, and they’re great for making sure you don’t get blisters when you’re out walking. Simply put, I don’t know what I’d do without them. 

My perfect shoe criteria? In order of importance: cute, unique, and comfortable.

Simply put, shoes rock my socks off.

March 21, 2011

All about my non-existant love life... just kidding

Love is something that will always be in fashion. Though exactly what kind of love is quite debatable.

Is love getting flowers (on Valentine's Day of course) from a British bloke who apparently listens when you jokingly list your favorite flowers? Is it dancing with a cute guy at a school dance who you surprisingly have a lot in common with? Or is it spontaneously getting asked out at the grocery store?

I will plead the fifth and save you from more examples of my awkward "love life", but as of January, I am convinced that puppy love (literally) is the way to go.

It was love at first sight when Portia, my almost 4 month old Maltese puppy, and I first met in late January. Only being 2 pounds, I frequently get asked if Portia is a cat or a guinea pig. But doesn't that beat being asked for your number in the produce aisle?

A random phone number on the back of a napkin only sits on your already cluttered desk gathering dust, but who knew that a puppy can double as an alarm clock, oven timer, and floor cleaner?

Here are a couple pictures of Portia looking incredibly cute:

Seriously, it's a crime to be as cute as she is!


March 18, 2011

I {will} say i'm in love... with a gay man

(Even though Valentine's Day is long gone, and St. Patrick's Day was yesterday... we at Tirvani are going back to the "things we love". Holla!)

Christian Siriano ...Need I say more?
This man is fashionable, amiable, and beautiful. So are his clothes. Birthday wish list? Of course, never could pull them off… Too beautiful and ethereal (look it up) for my normal 13-year-old life. But! In the event that I was an independent 20-something with a life of its own in New York, definitely an option. His clothes are on the line of whimsical and bit much, but are gently reeled back in with an edge of sophistication. ...How legit am I? But in all seriousness, loved him on Project Runway (woot woot!) and I love him now. Fierce accessories, fierce models, and fierce designs.

2011 Spring, RTW

I am officially in designer appreciation heaven. Thanks to the beautiful people at, I have been able to access pictures of every single line Christian Siriano has ever produced, including his Project Runway Masterpieces.

2011 Fall, RTW

 I sincerely admire his clothes. Plus, his hair is reason alone to love him.
His 2011 Spring line... I want them all. Especially all the accessories- necklaces and shoes. When I see these looks, I see spin offs of normal classics, but with an "added bit of spice" that takes it up a notch. 
In his clothes, I just see a strong and confidant woman, in fabulous well-made clothing, someone who I want to be. There's someone who's not afraid to --dare I say the cliche–– take risks. 

Highlights of a few (emphasis on a few) of my favorite designs?
A must.
2010 Fall, RTW
This look just screams "Get out mah way foo'"
The added architectural waves transforms what would be a simple, black trench into a masterpiece. The styling is beautiful, very in tune with the "bad-butt" kind of feel. With those sunnies, shoes, and hair, no one could stop her. The super-exposed silver zipper adds a bit of drama, almost a splash of "color" that prevents this outfit from being more mafia-like. And oooooooh!! It's just... fabulous.

2010 Spring, RTW
To quote another blog, "the color, the fit, everything about this dress makes me feel all tingly." Quite honestly, the way the mixture of these two fabrics create a dramatic effect that is heightened by all the depth that is created from the gentle swoops in the fabric.... this dress gives off a feel of quietly elegant, but as you gazed and admired, you would get the impact of the statement the model is making with this outfit. Christian's "Mediterranean Fierceness" with this line, is stunning, with draping like waves and mostly neutral fabric tones. Gimme gimme!

2009 Fall RTW; Sand Dune
Ehmehgosh. I have no words. It's stunning, and what Christian is known best for--his mesmerizing gowns.
The dress is flowly, beautiful details, and whimsical. Freaking lucky model... She looks like she's floating on air. The gladiator straps on the shoes enhance the Egyptian inspiration for the line. The soft sand color, this dress almost reminds of a beautiful, sculptural, and breath taking goddess of a sand dune, with the gentle folds in the fabrics and the stunning color.

Rock on Christian Siriano, rock on.

{photos courtesy of and, as well as a few google image searches}

March 15, 2011

A new era.... cue dramatic music

To kick off Tirvani's blog, we've decided to compile a book of all our favorite things.
Think of it as a fun intro if you will... Enjoy!
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