March 25, 2011

A Love-ly Mixtape

Hi everyone! One of the things that I love a lot is music, so I've made a mixtape consisting of some of my favorite songs. You can download all 18 songs for free here.

1. Osaka Loop Line // Discovery
  • This has a fun rhythm to it and is great for listening to anytime.
2. Every Goliath Has Its David // The Boy Least Likely To
  • The ultimate feel-good song, I think! Even the title sounds promising.
3. Happy As Can Be // Cut Off Your Hands
  • I feel that this song is a little bittersweet, but I like it all the same. 
4. Santa Marina // For Serious This Time
  • I can't really tell what most of the lyrics are, but it's super catchy and very upbeat.
5. If Looks Could Kill // Camera Obscura
  • Influenced by The Supremes and Jimmy Webb (just to name a few), Camera Obscura's third EP "Let's Get Out Of This Country" is fantastic. This song is my go-to for days when I feel less than okay.
6. Crystalised // the XX
  • A little dark, but then again...not? Anyways, the XX were ranked #9 on Rolling Stone's "best of the year" list in 2009, and all of their songs are pretty great.
7. GfC // Albert Hammond, Jr.
  • This song reminds me of warm days with lots of sunlight. (trivia: Albert Hammond, Jr. is a part of the Strokes (see track no. 16).)
8. D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) // Justice
  • Whether you realize it or not, I'm sure you've heard the original song before. This remix is my favorite!
9. What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club
  • This is the most catchy out of all their songs. I think it was influenced by the old rock band Rooney, but it's just a theory!
10. Hummingbird // Born Ruffians
  • Born Ruffians has a very raw style that I really enjoy. It's hard to explain, make sure to listen to this one!
11. Boy Lilikoi // Jónsi
  • Jónsi is a part of the post-rock band Sigur Rós, which also has a lot of great music. Although most of their songs are in Icelandic, they're skilled enough to get their message across through the music itself.
12. Green Eyes // Wavves
  • Another lo-fi song! Wavves are becoming pretty popular, and with good reason.
13. they'll like me when i'm sick // flatsound
  • This is one of those depressing songs that I torture myself with when I'm already sad. But it's a great song nevertheless!
14. Baby Don't Go // Dum Dum Girls
  • Another melancholic lo-fi song, that's a little bit more sad in my opinion.
15. Cause=Time // Broken Social Scene
  • It's a very mellow song, and I like listening to it while doing homework.
16. 12:51 // The Strokes
  • I love this song so much! It's slightly playful (or more so than their other songs, anyways), and it's just really fun to listen to.
17. The Afterlife // YACHT
  • Unless you're already a fan of electronic artists such as Crystal Castles or the XX (see track no. 6), you'll find this song pretty weird. But it's an acquired taste; give it a try!
18. White Corolla // Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
  • The narrative lyrics may seem a little cliche at first, but the song itself is one of my absolute favorites. I pretty much recommend all songs by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone! (Love Connection is peculiar but amazing, and I like to think that Hot Boyz mocks popular music nowadays.)
Have fun listening, and I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!                       --J

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