March 30, 2011

Fashion-ista it up

OH FASHION. Shoes, Hair Accesorries, dresses, tops, jackets, pants. All amazing finds! But the most important part of fashion is styling yourself, being unique in your own way. Whether your style is indie-vintage, preppy, or boho, styling your outfits is a true sense of self.

First of all, NEVER follow the status-quo, dress yourself how you like too. Don't be afraid of others judging you, go crazy! Life is full of chances, and fashion is definitely one of them. Shop at your fave stores, and look for bargains.
*A helpful tip: Instead of buying one really expensive item of clothing, go on a splurge and buy an array of different clothes! For more expensive items go to: or American Apparel, if you like to be on the cheaper side, Forever 21 Vintage and H&M are amazing brands while being on the cheap side of the price tag.

Needless to say, GO ALL OUT. BE CRAZY. EXPRESS YOURSELF. But make SURE you have the perfect outfit, while it is okay to lounge in sweats and a zip up over the weekend, whenever you go out, make sure you look your best! After all, 1st impressions are everything darling!
*Helpful tip: To dress down an outfit- Add a piece of more casual clothing, such as a big comfy sweater or a chunky necklace with dress. Or you can add a pair of funky colored tights to a a fancy dress. To dress things down- always add a baggy sweater or a chunky necklace. This gives it a casual theme while still making it CLASSY :)

Last Tip: Remember, don't mismatch a lot of things, but do a few so you can keep it interesting. If you wear all one color, it probably isn't the BEST choice. Mix-n-match isn't a bad thing, but know when to stop. Also, just choose a few accesories, because if you have too many you will look WAYYY to busy.

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