March 21, 2011

All about my non-existant love life... just kidding

Love is something that will always be in fashion. Though exactly what kind of love is quite debatable.

Is love getting flowers (on Valentine's Day of course) from a British bloke who apparently listens when you jokingly list your favorite flowers? Is it dancing with a cute guy at a school dance who you surprisingly have a lot in common with? Or is it spontaneously getting asked out at the grocery store?

I will plead the fifth and save you from more examples of my awkward "love life", but as of January, I am convinced that puppy love (literally) is the way to go.

It was love at first sight when Portia, my almost 4 month old Maltese puppy, and I first met in late January. Only being 2 pounds, I frequently get asked if Portia is a cat or a guinea pig. But doesn't that beat being asked for your number in the produce aisle?

A random phone number on the back of a napkin only sits on your already cluttered desk gathering dust, but who knew that a puppy can double as an alarm clock, oven timer, and floor cleaner?

Here are a couple pictures of Portia looking incredibly cute:

Seriously, it's a crime to be as cute as she is!



  1. cute dog! if u still wanna bf... let me no *insert wiggling brows here* ;]

  2. wait... do you have a bf???

  3. post more things like this!!!!!! ik i sound like a nosy person but i like listening to other people's love lives!!!!! so what's urs A?

  4. sooo cute. can't get over this.

    but seriously the people above are CREEPY


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