March 18, 2011

I {will} say i'm in love... with a gay man

(Even though Valentine's Day is long gone, and St. Patrick's Day was yesterday... we at Tirvani are going back to the "things we love". Holla!)

Christian Siriano ...Need I say more?
This man is fashionable, amiable, and beautiful. So are his clothes. Birthday wish list? Of course, never could pull them off… Too beautiful and ethereal (look it up) for my normal 13-year-old life. But! In the event that I was an independent 20-something with a life of its own in New York, definitely an option. His clothes are on the line of whimsical and bit much, but are gently reeled back in with an edge of sophistication. ...How legit am I? But in all seriousness, loved him on Project Runway (woot woot!) and I love him now. Fierce accessories, fierce models, and fierce designs.

2011 Spring, RTW

I am officially in designer appreciation heaven. Thanks to the beautiful people at, I have been able to access pictures of every single line Christian Siriano has ever produced, including his Project Runway Masterpieces.

2011 Fall, RTW

 I sincerely admire his clothes. Plus, his hair is reason alone to love him.
His 2011 Spring line... I want them all. Especially all the accessories- necklaces and shoes. When I see these looks, I see spin offs of normal classics, but with an "added bit of spice" that takes it up a notch. 
In his clothes, I just see a strong and confidant woman, in fabulous well-made clothing, someone who I want to be. There's someone who's not afraid to --dare I say the cliche–– take risks. 

Highlights of a few (emphasis on a few) of my favorite designs?
A must.
2010 Fall, RTW
This look just screams "Get out mah way foo'"
The added architectural waves transforms what would be a simple, black trench into a masterpiece. The styling is beautiful, very in tune with the "bad-butt" kind of feel. With those sunnies, shoes, and hair, no one could stop her. The super-exposed silver zipper adds a bit of drama, almost a splash of "color" that prevents this outfit from being more mafia-like. And oooooooh!! It's just... fabulous.

2010 Spring, RTW
To quote another blog, "the color, the fit, everything about this dress makes me feel all tingly." Quite honestly, the way the mixture of these two fabrics create a dramatic effect that is heightened by all the depth that is created from the gentle swoops in the fabric.... this dress gives off a feel of quietly elegant, but as you gazed and admired, you would get the impact of the statement the model is making with this outfit. Christian's "Mediterranean Fierceness" with this line, is stunning, with draping like waves and mostly neutral fabric tones. Gimme gimme!

2009 Fall RTW; Sand Dune
Ehmehgosh. I have no words. It's stunning, and what Christian is known best for--his mesmerizing gowns.
The dress is flowly, beautiful details, and whimsical. Freaking lucky model... She looks like she's floating on air. The gladiator straps on the shoes enhance the Egyptian inspiration for the line. The soft sand color, this dress almost reminds of a beautiful, sculptural, and breath taking goddess of a sand dune, with the gentle folds in the fabrics and the stunning color.

Rock on Christian Siriano, rock on.

{photos courtesy of and, as well as a few google image searches}


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