April 2, 2011

Tatler: the queen of magazines

So you have your Teen Vogue in hand, and your Nylon is on the counter. Issues of Glamour are on your desk, and God knows where your latest Cosmo went (maybe this has to do with reading it so often!) But there you are sighing, wanting the perfect magazine: a one stop 300 pages of everything a girl wants to drool over. I'm here to tell you to pack your other magazines away (forget about that missing Cosmo issue) and get your hands on the latest Tatler... preferably in a legal way!

(Here is the current issue of Tatler with Naomi Watts on the cover! Note: these images are not ours. Rights go to their respective owners.)

Now you Brits probably know what I'm talking about, but for all you other folk, consider this your first (and definitely not your last!) introduction to the Tatler.

Tatler: the name is synonymous with the perfect mix of fashion, celebrities, royals/Hons, and actual news.

Everyone from celebrities to royals have graced the cover of Tatler– from Diane Kruger to Kate Middleton and even the Queen herself.

(An issue with Kate Middleton commemorating Andy Warhol's work)

Every publication of the Tatler is filled to the brink with fashion. Its glossy pages are covered with new up and coming trends as well as this season's colors.

If these reasons aren't enough for you to pick up a copy of the Tatler, I'm sure you're not female. But I'm sure your girlfriend would appreciate a Tatler subscription as her next gift.

Trust me.


  1. ohhhh soooo truuuee!! my roommate and I goggle over the hons and their designer outfits all the time. you're probs one of us!! hope to hear more from you darl!! xx D

  2. omt (oh my tatler)!!!!!


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