April 27, 2012

Artsy, dontcha think? (Part 2)

Back for more are you? Well of course you are, as if I (or wild horses as the saying goes) could even attempt to keep you away.

Well, for a new topic... thrift store finds. Feast your eyes of these photos which are excellent examples of the treasures that await for you in your local thrift store. Now before you guys turn your nose up to me, sniff disdainfully about the supposed lack of cleanliness in these institutions, or act in a supercilious manner about some nit-picky details about thrift stores, let me dispel all fears and myths. Both the cardigan and the jean shirt are from a thrift store, and I got them both for a combined value of about $8. My dear friends, when is the last time you've gotten anything for $8? Other than food... and even then! Of course you have to wash the clothes, but once you're past that step, they're all yours for the wearing. Even the orange cardigan from my birthday post is from a thrift store. Thrifting is the way to go, especially in this crappy economy.  

Well, let me not keep you waiting any longer. Let the artsy love continue on Tirvani:the blog. Enjoy my little duckies!

Now I know people look down on the whole jean-on-jean look (I was most definitely one of those people) but what can I say? I pulled a 180ยบ and I can safely say my life has been forever changed. Try it some time. Really. Jean-on-jean is coming back in a big way. But enough about what I think about it--how do you guys feel about wearing jean with jean?


  1. these are beautiful!

  2. you are amahzing!

  3. Thanks so much all! I'd say the pictures turned out pretty well, wouldn't you?




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