April 26, 2012

Artsy, dontcha think? (Part 1)

Artsy: (from urbandictionary.com) to be overly expressive in the need to stand out from others and make an aesthetic statement. A forceful expression of art.

Artsy isn't even the word to describe that fabulous sight your eyes are approximately 20 seconds away from devouring. 

Now whatever could be the reason for the dressing up? A free dress day at a school, synonymous with a day of freedom, and day of self-expression, and day to wear whatever the heck we want. (We have a uniform/are required to follow a dress code/are strategically made to look the same as every other person at our school, if that wasn't made clear form this heated "rant". But that's all just for kicks and giggles. We actually don't mind it all that much.) Our school's saving grace though, is that once a month, we at Tirvani (and the rest of the school of course) get the opportunity to look our best, strut our stuff, and wow everyone with our fantastical fabulous fashion finds.

Now enough chatting... Let us begin to main section of our program or rather... let the ooh-ing and awe-ing over these extraordinary pictures of A begin.

Going into this photoshoot, we set up near an ever classic white wall a professional and bright photography light that got increasingly hotter, to point that its temperature became we-could-have-baked-delicious-cookies-on-it hot. Who even knows what it's called... All we know is that it delivers some amazing results, no? 

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