April 27, 2012

Ode to the 70s.

Oh my dear 70s,
How I greatly relish reliving you–
With your wild youths busting out the tie-dye, sporting hair that was crazy wild and free, 
and getting down on the dance floor–
You put me to shame.
Your exuberance and excellence... yes, I can certainly put all the blame on you.
I could have lived life quite happily.
But with your large and fanciful shadow looming over me, 
it's beyond impossible for me to ever live up to greatness that occurred during your time. 
I try to be like you.
I pretend to be you. 
But in the end, I'm not nearly as cool as you.
- Sincerely, T

Now imagine this cute this little face getting down on a Saturday night like no other, screaming her head off with so much delight. And believe me it did happen. Oh yes it did. I have the lack of a voice to prove it. Now to fill in a few blanks: a happy birthday, major party, 70s theme, dance floor (and some serious boogying to accompany it), rave music (to accompany the boogying), a competition for a lava lamp, and a completely overused photobooth. And now of course with the permission of those in the pictures, I give you some of those fabulous examples of photography:

Now back to the afore mentioned lava lamp tournament. Yes, there was a contest for 5 crazy partygoers to win 1 of the 5 available lava lamps. The rules of this event? Dance like there's no tomorrow--no stopping, no leaving the dance floor, breaking loose like there were ants in yo' pants. And let me tell you it was a battle. Sweat was flowing, feet were hurting, mouths were parched. But we all kept going, and going, and freaking going. Now my lovely readers, is it even necessary to say  that obviously I am now a proud owner of blue liquid with yellow gel lava lamp? Oh I'm sure it's absolutely no surprise. I was soaked with sweat at the end of it... It was an excellent workout, 70s style.

So to sum up: crazy Photobooth pictures, dancing like a mad(wo)man was acceptable/getting the workout of a lifetime, lava lamps gifted, and of course, a Saturday night well spent.  

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