August 15, 2011

A new love

Ever heard of the show "Project Runway"? (Which, btw, is tuh-ho-tally [totally] fabulous, is on Lifetime, and is back for season 9!!!!!!!!!!...if you get how freaking excited I am)

Anyhoo, back story to this post. there was some major duh-rama [drama] with the show as it made its switch from the network it was originally on, Bravo. So after all of this, Bravo was left Project Runway-less. But it's fighting back, with a new... well, new to me show called "The Fashion Project: Ultimate Collection".

The show is on their second season, with judges Isaac Mizrahi and as of the second season of the show, Iman.

Now you know me, on Cody (the name of my laptop... yes, I named my laptop) all day during summer, always watching those TV shows we all hear about but never actually watch (Big Brother anyone?). So recently I stumbled upon this show, and watched the lovely season 2. 

 And I officially have a new gay man crush: Jeffrey Williams (my last gay crush mentioned here). Oh my gosh... I'm in love. His final collection for the show was stunning! His collection was inspired by his mom and dedicated to his mom, who had passed away from breast cancer earlier in his life. And that inspiration served him well, 'cuz that collection was kick....-donkey!

Anyways, of course he won, and of course I've have pictures of his final collection. Check 'em out:
PS: the first picture is Jeffrey Williams... if you didn't figure that out :)

Get the flash player here:

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