August 18, 2011

the nail polish files #4: ombre nails

Ombre Hair was all the rage last year, now Ombre Nails have stepped into the lime light.  Even Lauren Conrad was seen sporting this new trend last month.

What are Ombre Nails?
Ombre nails are graduated nails that go from light to dark.  Your pinky nail will be the darkest shade and your thumb will be the lightest shade.

How to pick the Ombre Nail colors
You can pick any range of colors to do this with, but the colors must be of the same tone and different shades.  Don’t know color theory? No problem.  The easiest way to determine shade is to pretend you are adding white.  So start with the dark color on the pinky nail, then pick 4 more colors that look lighter until you get to the thumb nail, which will be the lightest of them all.

Polish it off with some shimmer
The final step is to paint the same shimmery nail color over all the nails.  It’s not only a cool effect, but it also ties all the nails together, making them look like you painted a variation of the same nail color on all four nails. Simple.

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