May 20, 2011

The royal wedding part 3 (aka the final part): Grace, Kate, Diana, the recession, and did I mention oogling at Prince Harry?

...And here is the 3rd and final segment to our royal wedding commentary! Without further adieu, here it is:

Him: So the last part of our Kate and Will's wedding coverage, huh?
Me: Yup, and there's still one thing we haven't covered yet...
Me: Wow. You sound even more excited than I am.
Him: Erm... Sorry.
Me: No need to be sorry about it. Let's take a look at Kate's dress.

Her Serene Highness The Princess Grace of Monaco (left) and Her Royal Highness The Duchess Catherine of Cambridge (right)

Him: That's a nice picture of Kate, erm... Catherine side by side with Grace Kelly.
Me: Yes it is, especially due to the similarities in their wedding gown styles.
Him: Um... I don't mean to burst your bubble, but they're the exact same.
Me: You mean their dresses? They're similar, but different.
Him: And how so?
Me: Well, Grace Kelly's seems more conservative, befitting her time, though of course the lace sleeves (which I adore) were considered modern back then. Princess Grace's dress is also belted at the waist with a matching white sash, while Kate's is more free, also with a lower neckline.
Him: You mean plunging neckline.
Me: Oh there's always worse.
Him: True and I can't help but notice that Kate's hair being down makes the whole look much more modern and relaxed than Grace's look.
Me: Now you're talking like a real fashionista! Kate's veil is also simpler. Her veil and train are so much shorter than Diana's.
Him: That's not saying much. Diana's dress was almost all the way to the door!

The Princess Diana and her REALLY long train

Me: If I remember correctly, Diana's train was about 25 feet long.
Him: So how many meters would that be?
Me: I actually forgot that you were British and didn't know feet! It's about 7.62 meters.
Him: The only question I have now is how on earth did she walk with that thing on?
Me: I'm afraid I can't help you with that one, but here's another picture. I think she tries to remain quite stationary.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Him: I can't see her in all that fabric. Someone help! She's drowning in fabric!
Me: I just feel bad for whoever was carrying all that fabric behind her.
Him: Maybe with the recession they're cutting back on poor Kate's train.
Me: Sure...
Him: You never know what Parlament is up to.
Me: ...
Him: So let's take a look at what Wills is wearing since we just looked at the bride.

The bride and groom on the big day

Me: That is not a flattering picture of him...
Him: Well it's all I had.
Me: His hair is thinning already!
Him: Eh, it's better than some other pictures of ol' Wills.

Prince William (aka Wills or ol' Wills)

Me: Look at this picture. He looks so much better– even dashingly handsome!
Him: Dashingly handsome, huh? Only you would ever say that.
Me: Oh, whatever, but you know it's true. This picture is so much more flattering. He even has HAIR!
Him: Well he's balding now.
Me: Thanks for bursting my bubble.
Him: More like crushing your dreams of a just happily married guy.
Me: I like the best man slightly better.

Prince Harry

Him: What is it with the royal family and military uniforms?
Me: Shouldn't you know since you were one of the lucky few invited?
Him: Well the invite said that men should wear uniforms, morning coats, or lounge suits.
Me: That explains it, and I'm just curious but if you could have gone, which would you have chosen.
Him: What I would have chosen and what I would have worn are two separate things.
Me: Do explain.
Him: I would have chosen to a loung suit, but my mother would have expected me to wear a morning coat.
Me: I didn't even know you owned a morning coat.

An example of a morning coat

A regular suit or a lounge suit

Him: What else do you expect me to wear to occasions like this? Jeans and a t-shirt?
Me: Umm... no? Anyways, here's an even better picture of Harry.

Prince Harry

Him: Are you drooling over this picture of Prince Harry?
Me: Erm... no?
Him: Sure... Anyways, I think that just about wraps up our whole royal wedding coverage. Anything you want to add, A?
Me: ...
Him: So you are drooling over the picture.
Me: ...
Him: A?
Me: ...Huh?
Him: Nothing. I'm just wrapping things up.
Me: Oh, well it was fun talking...
Him: ...and making fun of...
Me: ...the people at the royal wedding, and if you liked these posts, we hope that you can post a comment below!
Him: Thanks guys for reading this. It was really fun to be a part of this, and now we have to go so A can oogle at Harry a bit more.
Me: You're absolutely right! Hope to hear from you guys!


    sad that u guyzez cute banters r over!!!!! <3 can't wait to read more!!!!! and what's HIM's name???????????? is he cute??????? ahhh... I WANT 2 MEET U GUYZ SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!

  2. but wills is so much cuter!


  4. if only he was zack efron

  5. yes, darl ;) of course

  6. LOL, u guyzz r so funny!

  7. hey guys;
    just wanted to say that u guyz r amazing

  8. wow its kinda rude to say that stuff about the royal family...ME! but its kinda true my family member Prince William is starting to lose some of his hair but thats what comes with age

  9. umm... wills isn't even that old

  10. I like what u guyz did with the place... except it makes the wedding look trashy~~~ no offence or anythin g

  11. I still go back to these to read them! They're just SO FUNNY!! I <3 HIM!!!


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