May 21, 2011

052111 (a few designs)


I'm not too pleased with these, but here are some designs I doodled last month or so! The first is a chiffon-and-tulle ruffled top with batwing sleeves, paired with dark gray skinny jeans and black ribbon pumps laced over. The tutu-like ruffles, the messy ballerina bun, and the laced up ribbons play big parts in this ballerina-inspired outfit.
I tried to keep the second outfit slightly more minimalistic than the first. It's mostly centered around the iconic Rei Kawakubo hair (for those of you who don't know, RK is the founder of Comme des Garçons, which happens to be one of my favorite avant-garde labels!); it consists of a graphite-colored silk shrug with brass metal findings and padded shoulders (throwback to the 1980s!), over a white canvas dress with a sort of paper lantern-like structure. To top it off, I chose simple black suede ankle boots to complement the shrug.

Now, for part two!~
My idea for these two (very very rough) sketches is kind of 1700s Europe meets the Far East. I haven't gotten very far with these yet, but so far I've incorporated panniers with hanbok and kimono, and I have an idea for Han Chinese robes with corsets in the back to create a sort of mantua-like dress.

I'm interested in this idea, so I'll probably keep working with it. More to come, hopefully soon! :)


  1. amazing drawings

  2. love the inspiration u draw from especially Rei Kawakubo!!


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