May 19, 2011

Pulp fashion

Believe me, I'm not an expert on this exhibit, just one of the many who are wishfully wishing they could go to San Francisco to view it.

Pulp Fashion's website gives you so much more information than I could ever give, seeing as I haven't actually attended. The basic idea of the exhibit is that "Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave is a painter by training, but textile and costume are her muses. Working in collaboration with leading costume historians and young fashion designers, de Borchgrave crafts a world of splendor from the simplest rag paper. Painting and manipulating the paper, she forms trompe l’oeil masterpieces of elaborate dresses inspired by rich depictions in early European painting or by iconic costumes in museum collections around the world." (From the website)

Children's costumes in the Medici gallery

Gown inspired by a ca. 1945 portrait of Eleanor and her son Giovanni de' Medici by Agnolo Bronzino

Marie Claire de Croy and Child, after the painting Van Dyck

The Medici

These masterpieces... out of paper? You'd be better believe it.
Aren't convinced to get off your "bottom" and head out to San Francisco? Read these quotes from ppl who have actually experienced this. 

"i enjoyed seeing how one woman was able to create such magnificent dresses out of everyday materials. it was breathtaking, and i hope to go again."

"i loved it so much. balenciaga… omgosh. it was so good."

"it was amazing. when i secretly touched an exhibit, it was so soft..."

{caption information found on the exhibit website}

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  1. wait... I had to read this twice to fiqure out that these were made of paper!


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