May 17, 2011

Shoes do grow on trees

Pretty pictures, no?  God bless Apple and their beautiful products, A's amazing model skills, and T's excellent photography. Told you there'd be more outfit posts! Enjoy!

{cardigan Russ Berens; dress Frenchi; shoes Charmont}


  1. LOVE the shoes and I can't believe this is A!! yay!! i was curious to see what she loooked liek

  2. To the above comment-

    We had some other outfit posts with her too. Go through older posts, and check it out! :)

  3. hahaha, thxx can't belive u commented on my comment!!!! too coool!!!

  4. To the above comment-

    Well we love to hear from our readers! Thxx for commenting, and keep reading the blog! :)


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