May 23, 2011


Everybody loves festivals.. at least they really should. Street fairs, such as the one in Downtown Mountain View, are the best type of festival. This one was May 20-21, 10am-6pm, closing off a major portion of Downtown Mountain View, and had rides, food, art, and some wine. The event is sponsored by, and officially known as the Pacific Fine Arts, 15th Annual A la Carte & Art Festival.

Got a cute pair of earrings (courtesy of my mother!) and found a really good summer opportunity sewing at a studio and gaining some retail experience/working in a store. Excellent, right? Check out some pics:

This company, Ricochet, is where I will be having my intense summer opportunity

At you can find the jewelry shown here, and see some new things
{logo of the Festival found on google images, all other photos were taken by me at the festival}

Comment what you think!


  1. this is pretty cool... luv the necklaces in the last one!!

  2. that stuff looks so cool! when does the festival come again? is it yearly?

  3. To the above comment-

    Yes it is yearly, and I'm sure a quick google search will bring up some more information. Glad you're interested! :)


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