April 6, 2011

Oh new york city

The Big Apple. Concrete Jungle (where dreams are made of). The Empire State. The Capital of the World. The City That Never Sleeps.

And don't forget the street fashion there.

New york city is known for so many things but the street fashion there... amazing!
Let's just be honest here. I am living out my current life in Silicon Valley, but when it comes time for college-- New York City here I come! (most likely... cross your fingers!)

Thanks to the beautiful people at streetpeeper.com, I have been able to access pictures of people who have graced the streets of New York City. Going through these pictures is awesome. There is so much personal style in the beautiful City of New York, and it's my wonderful pleasure to share with you some of my favorite finds.

A vintage(inspired) coat topped with fur for the win. Green green green! Earth week at our school, and I thought this look was very appropriate. But maybe without the fur... but then again. It's just so fabulous! :P
Just look at it! So put together, and hopefully warm... look at the snow in the background. Not a fan...

Can't you tell I just love feux fur? I don't know what it is about this outfit... It just looks effortlessly chic. Leather shorts, a plus. The small little bowtie, a definite plus. And those glasses are perfect secret agent attire. A plus.
The outfit must have taken some time to put together, but you would never know. Not exactly minimalist, but definitely less is more for this look. 

Eh meh gosh. Can I have this, please? It looks so warm and comfortable, yet clearly fashionable. The perfect outfit.
Cozy and stylish.
It reminds me of Ugly Betty's poncho... but pretty! Very very very pretty to be sure! And to match with the checkered shirt? Who would-a thunk? The whole outfit... it just looks so good. You just have to put it all together.

Ah yes New York City. How I envy you. So many shows filmed there. So much fashion to indulge in...
Silicon Valley on the other hand... mergadoodle (urban-dictionary it).

{photos from streetpeeper.com and google images search: New York}

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