February 22, 2012

Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2012: I want it all.

Ready for Designer Number 2? Read about Number 1 {here}.
Now I don't think of myself as a greedy person, but this is an exception ok? So don't judge me. Jenny Packham. The British always do it right. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea who this fabulous European genius was until a couple of days ago. Little did I know that a small suggestion from my sister would open up my eyes to a fabulous new world of wonder and whimsy. The clothes are [in a British accent] prim and proper [end of British accent] and are completely... they just seem powerful, not fussy and overdesigned. They are almost simple in their elegance. The styling of the hair makes these girls seem like absolutely perfect ladies, but the bold lip is a hint that they are [in an spooky voice] not what they seeeeEEEeeEEem! [end of spooky voice] Please excuse the voices... I thought they would be a nice touch. In short: these girls exude extravagance and are fabulous.

{Photos from Style.com}

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