December 17, 2011

Opera, here we went

Oh the Opera.
an art form synonymous with pompous aristocrats... but at least they're wearing pretty clothes!

Our class (awhile ago but still) partook in this long time honored tradition and attended a performance of Carmen at the San Francisco Opera house. And my were we looking fabulous.

As for the spinning flowy dress (actually it's a skirt, "the girl" is pretty short...), talk about a spinning hipster hippie. 

And yes, the last three pictures of the same pair of shoes was very necessary for those shoes are so motherfreaking gorgeous, especially in person.

And beyond how good we were looking, there were some pretty feisty outfits from other people. Actually, this performance of Carmen was mainly for high school students, to get us to begin to appreciate opera. Among favorite looks that I saw were a rainbow cloak (yes, a cloak), fur coats, and completely extravagant evening dresses. There was also many, many a cape.

The actual opera performance of Carmen was pretty good. Sure it was in French, but there were supertitles. Different from subtitles. Google it. There's a difference.

Believe me.

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