September 27, 2011


Not only is orange lipstick {mentioned here} "all the rage", but am I going crazy, but is bright orange nail polish everywhere, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE?!?! (I was trying to go for the echo affect there...)

Anyways! I'm actually not averse to the "trend". I quite like orange. Even as I begin to write this, I'm wearing a bright orange sweater. It brings nourishment to my soul to know the world is slowly embracing the wonderful litany of loud, attention-grabbing, usually neon colors that are in the color spectrum, and are coating their nail plates in the said wonderful substance.

Now this trend is not just for those who wish to have Halloween all year long. Let's be honest, it has to be cool-- even Tyra Banks wears this vibrant trend.

So! Where can you get such a prized possession?

Well, OPI is a good place to start. 

O • P • I  Atomic Orange

China Glaze Orange Knockout

Orly Orange Punch

The choices are endless! So go out on the limb, and why not? Go orange!


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