September 29, 2011

Can I Just Say...

...that Fashion Week is an excellent idea? Whoever thought of having a week filled beyond the brim of wonderful, whimsical, usually-not-functional fashion is pure genius.

That being said, recently in our Spanish class, we had to make a presentation on a Latino (or is Hispanic more PC?) celebrity. Now some chose Shakira, another Enrique Iglesias (who, though may be 37-ish, is still lookin' mighty fine), but I, yes I, chose Oscar de la Renta. And honestly, it was the best choice. I got to watch fashion show after fashion show after fashion show... all for homework. Now I would be glad to post the finished product (a movie) for you, but alas, it's in Spanish.

But, going to back to Fashion Week, Oscar de la Renta? Brava brava brava.

But besides the creepy clapping hands with no body, that show was fabulous. And now you may be asking yourself, 'how in the world does she know? Was she at Fashion Week?' But alas, I was not there. Though in fact, I could've there, thanks to a wonderful thing called Youtube. In a nutshell, Youtube had a live feed of Fashion Week, as well as some wonderful wonderful person who posted de la Renta's entire Spring 2012 line.

You're welcome.

Some of my favorite looks? A must.

And I'm not really sure if I like this... but it sure is interesante...

Oscar de la Renta, how I love you.


  1. OMG!!!! i saw this before it was posted and its even better actually posted :)

    love it

  2. Aw shucks Phoebe! You're too kind... I'm blushing (not that you can tell)

  3. Well i hope you are :)

  4. The yellow dress is the BEST... if only I had some place to wear it to...

  5. To the above comment-

    I beyond-completely agree with you. It's not first in the photos just because it's the first look in the fashion show...


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