August 30, 2011

VMA recap 2011: part 2

Now of course there are always performances at the VMAs. It is celebrating music after all.... A slight video overload will follow this short message, but I think you'll all be ok.

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(Of course I've gotta have a Beyoncé clip in there somewhere...)

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According to my favorite radio talk show with Fernando and Greg, 12.4 million people watched the VMAs, despite the thoughts that it was going down in standing.

And we all watched Lady Gaga perform as her alter ego, Jo Calderone. And apparently, Lady Gaga is an actress who completely immerses herself in her roles.
It was reported that from the backstage crew, there were some complaints--Lady Gaga had been using the men's bathrooms, urinals and all.

Enjoy the videos, and check back tomorrow!

{for more info about the performances, check out here and where I got all the videos, here}

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