July 17, 2011

European flare!

Europe is full of fun fabulous style! Traveling from France to London was an amazing adventure. I know it might seem crazy, especially since they are both considered HUGE fashion cities of the world (both for different reasons) but both cities differed when it came to personal style. France, always being a country for its dramatic flair, was very sophisticated and elegant. Walking down the streets of Paris, the women stuck to pantsuits, sweats with slim khakis, and (when cold) big wool coats. 

photo from streetpeeper.com

Even the men, seen strolling down with murices (man purses) down the street, dressed in nice linen pants and a tie, exuded that french flair! A night out in Paris is very different than one in the United States where you just put on jeans, maybe some uggs or boots, and a cute scarf. I'd see these women dressed in beautiful gowns, ranging from short lengths to long with the highest heels, in restaurants.

photo from waynetippetts.com

To say the least, France was magnifique when it came to fashion! England on the other hand is known for its street style, the comfy shirt, the jeans, and the crazy hair! I was taken for a throwback walking through Heathrow airport after just arriving from France. England was fashionable, in a way that differed from Paris extremely! Different from the stylish Parisian men, English blokes (notice my british slang!) would wear jeans and a formfitting shirt, even some had mohawks! The women would typically dress with mini skirts, tube tops, and the occasional high heel boot. 

 photo from fashionbeans.tumblr.com

Although their fashion was nowhere as near as the French in sophistication and elegance, it had a funky twist which was cool and fun!

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