June 25, 2011

So pretty, like model, cheerleader, something pretty.

The title for this post comes to us from an Angela Anjelah Johnson video. 
And old, but excellent video.

But other than that... to the point of this post. What I am about to share with you, is basically the epitome of pretty pictures. Yes, it could be considered "old news" by any technical standards, but the beauty that is captured within these pictures can forever withstand the holds of time.

Deep huh?

These photographs come from an editorial spread called "The Magic of Colors" in Vogue China that came out in 2009. 

An oldie but a goodie.
Beautiful, no?

{for more information about this editorial, and to see the clothes (and from what collection) made up the outfits that were photographed, click here to see an article from tomandlorenzo.com about it}


  1. i wish i could know their thought process behind the balloons... specifically the long ones :P

  2. To the above comment-

    It is cool isn't it? Maybe a little Google searching will help...

  3. gorg! looks like tatler

  4. To the above comment-

    Some British love in you, eh?


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