May 2, 2012

Why Fly to Italia?

Why Fly to Italia_1

...When you can get an Italian style food baby right here? Granted, seeing loads of attractive Italian boys, and the fact that there is no drinking age in Italy, and I could see how their super adorable vespas could be quite an incentive... I lie. Italy would totally be better. But in the meantime, this restaurant shall do indeed. 

And the best part? All it takes it a drive on down to the Maggiano's nearest you. The occasion? A stupendous party where we all acted like we were 15 going on 25, dressed to impressed, and filled our bellies to bursting with beyond amazing food.

I should dearly love to meet the Maggiano for whom the restaurant is named, and congratulate him (or her, you never know) in person on the superb cuisine his or her restaurant serves. Really. It's divine. Their calamari? Gimme gimme gimme any place, anytime, anywhere. Their bruschetta? It's unbelievably good. And don't you dare even get me started on that pasta. I could literally eat that for the rest of my days. And ohmygoodness that desert. Pound cake, tiramisu, ice cream... all so yummy in my tummy. (I would be absolutely be telling a bald-faced lie...that is the saying right?... if I said I wasn't salivating right now... My only consolation? Having spaghetti for dinner.)

Now enough food talk, though I could honestly never get sick of talking about, looking at, and of course eating food. On to le pictures! 

Now, I don't think I'm alone when I say: you know that feeling you get when you see one of your friends wearing something absolutely adorable and fabulous and you just want it want it want it so badly you almost want to just rip it off of them and run away with it, cackling with glee? Yes, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I daresay I have those moments quite frequently. But these shoes... how can you not want them? And as such, I promptly beseeched her if I could take a picture of her fantastic pedicure and shoes to match.

Q4U (question for you, if you honestly didn't get that...): 1) Any favorite food places you like to pig out at? and 2) For my own self-esteem, am I the only who would love to borrow for an extended, never-ending period of time their friends' clothes?

Be sure to answer the Q4U in the comments section below!


  1. great post guys!

    1. Thanks! We certainly do try our best. Now how about answering the Q4U?

  2. so pretty... but what's Q4U?

    1. Q4Us are questions for our readers to peruse, think on, sleep over, dwell upon... whatever you do with questions and answer the question in a comment right here. What's your answer?


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