December 27, 2011

Post-Christmas depression?

Whenever that magical 25th is over, I tend to realize how much I miss Christmas music. Now from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas, I have indulged my love of Christmas rhythms and rhymes, spoilt by song after song spewing from the KOIT radio station:  Ninety-Six Point Fiiiiiiiiiive, K O I T 

Sure, in the days after Christmas, it becomes socially unacceptable to listen to these kickin' tunes (just like wearing white after Labor Day, which I personally have never understood). But let's stand up to the man! Let's treat ourselves because we're awesome, and we deserve it! And so, to make it easy for you, I give to you my friends, a list of some of my favorite Christmas jingles.

Starting off with a song that isn't necessarily a classic but is certainly well-loved, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", in this version sung by Jackson 5 (you gotta love little Michael J), is a rocking song.  And I happens to love it a lot. And you can't stop me.

You sing it Mariah! Oooh this song gives me chills. I cannot tell you the countless hours I have spent in the shower, trying to sound as good as the sound goddess Mariah. And sorry to dissapoint, but I still don't sound quite as good... but I'm working on it! "All I Want For [next] Christmas" is to sing like Mariah Carey.

Be doo be doo! "Santa Baby". Whatagreatsong. Santana (yes I'm bringing up Glee. What can I say? I'm a Gleek) sings it in her "husky" voice, as a friend of mine put it. But I had to go with the original whiny voice of Wham for this favorite song.

After taking 3.5 years of Spanish, this is one benefit I've gotten from it. I can sing "Feliz Navidad" with such confidence and poise, and actually know what I'm singing. Dontcha just wanna shake some maracas and let some "Ay ay!"s loose when you sing this song? Or maybe that's just me...

Oh that classic and immortal song. "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer". It's just too good. But of course, only the truly knowledgeable know the little phrases that go in between the lines. To give you a taste: "They never let poor Rudolf.." RUDOLF! "Join in any reindeer game." LIKE MONOPOLY!

Hehehe. This song makes me giddy. I have no idea why, it just does. "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart" is a kickin' song. Listen to it, learn it, love it.

And those Honorable Mentions:

"The 12 Days of Christmas"
"The Christmas Song"
"Do You Hear What I Hear"
"Frosty the Snowman"
"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas"
"Joy to the World"
"Mele Kalikimaka"
"My Grown-Up Christmas List"
"Winter Wonderland"

(The Instagram-ed photos are from a Christmas trip to San Francisco con la familia y yo [with the family and I... my Spanish in action!]. Perhaps I'll post about it soon. Lord knows I took tons of photos that are just waiting to be Instagram-ed)

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