December 23, 2011

Mood board: giorgio armani

Let's take a peek into what was inspiring The Mr. A when he was designing his fall/winter collection. Shall we?

"I wanted the overall effect to be very fluid–satins that seem to meld with the skin, elaborate embroidery hand-sticked by endlessly patient seamstresses." –GA

"I claim that I invented 'greige', my favorite color. Nevertheless, color is an ongoing challenge, as the choice of pink for the Boudoir collection confirms." –GA

"The romance is echoed in the softness and sensuality of the clothes." –GA

"I love light, informal flowers with a subtle scent that leave only the slightest trail in the air..." –GA

All quotes are Giorgio Armani as from Tatler.


  1. I love these pictures so much!!!

  2. Aww, thanks. What's better than lace, pearls, Tatler, and Giorgio Armani? Nothing I tell you!


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