September 14, 2011

Fall & winter's best trench coats

Just got back from London after visiting some friends and going to some (kinda slightly mad) fashion filled parties. (Harry Potter premiere anyone?) ...Lies... It's been a while, but I can't get Brit fashion out of my head!

So what's the fashion secret the Brits hold that we, their American cousins, can't seem to grasp? Maybe it has something to do with how they manage to look totally chic even in their not–so–Californian weather?

Turning to Britain's budding fashion icon, the Duchess of Cambridge, America has got to learn some pointers on how to dress to kill even in the rain. Really guys, rain isn't an excuse to go sloppy on your wardrobe!
Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge rocking it out in a Burberry trench coat

So here's a list of the top three trench coat must haves in a girl's closet:

1) DKNY Women's Belted Rain/Trench Coat (in Camel)

No surprise this classic color is first on the list of my top trench coat picks. With a classic cut, a few old school pleats and of course (how can we forget!) a belted waist, this pick is quite the ideal trench coat!

2) Miss Sixty Women's Roll Sleeve Trench Coat (in Khaki)

Another perfect specimen of the rare species of the exotic trench coat. Slightly lighter than DKNY's trench coat above, this shade of khaki tends to go really well with lighter skin tones. The longer pleats and shorter hem line make the illusion of longer legs and the roll up sleeves are just the sugar and cherry on top!

3) Tommy Hilfiger Woman's Double Breasted Cotton Trench Coat (in Black)

Every girl needs at least one black trench coat. Sure, the "classic" look of the trench coat brings to mind colors of camel, khaki, tan, and at the lightest beige and off white, but sometimes black is just the way to go. With this black trench coat, you can wear it over evening wear as well as on a walk to the park. This trench coat also comes in khaki, and though this khaki is lighter than the one above, it's also A approved.


Till next time my beloved trenchies, and may the coat be with you!


  1. Trench coats are so classic and fabulous. love them!!!!

  2. I love Kate... SO much

  3. I love how that burberry trench has that little feminine hem to it. Christmas list? I think so!

  4. Glad you guys like the post. Make A write some more... I think so! :)


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