August 22, 2011

the nail polish files: #5 urban decay's rollergirl

Some of you guys might know my little secret–that I'm nuts about Urban Decay. Seriously, everything they sell is practically worth its weight in gold. Take my word for it!

Anyways, Urban Decay launched a really cool set of nail polishes this month called Rollergirl!  (Not to be confused with the eyeshadow pallet that launched with the same name.)  These colors include sexy shimmer, shocking vibrancy, and funky glitter.  They are 3 free –which means that they are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. The collection comes housed in a box adorned with a 70s-inspired pink and gold foil design. They can be purchased at

The Colors
Fame (shimmery beige), Superfreak (gold glitter), Xanadu (Purple Glitter), Miss T (pearly fuchsia), Woodstock (hot pink) and Love Train (iridescent white)

Why So Small?
Urban Decay always makes small nail polish bottles, because they believe bigger nail polish bottles are a waste.  At a miniscule 0.17 ounces, they boast that these pocket-sized bottles are highly portable and a great value. They also claim that by the time you’re even close to finishing them, you’ll want  next season’s hot new colors.
I find myself agreeing with them, in that I've never totally finished a bottle of nail polish in my life.

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  1. me too!!! I mean that I love UD!!!!


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