August 13, 2011

The Nail polish Files #2: How Does Crackle Nail Polish Work?

Crackle Nail Polish is all the Rage
China Glaze has one — appropriately named, Crackle.  OPI has one — also appropriately named, Shatter.

Have you ever wondered how they work?
Crackle nail polishes work the way a traditional nail polish isn’t supposed to.  A traditional nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application.  Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent called ethanol alcohol that allows the polish to dry quickly and unevenly.

Crackles have actually been around for decades
If’ you’ve ever done a home improvement project involving paint, you’ve probably noticed that crackle paint is always an option. It’s what makes furniture look distressed and shabby chic.  The nail polish companies have applied this basic formula and bottled it in a nail polish.

A little alcohol was all it took
Although some of you live by this mantra, the nail polish companies are just now catching on.  By adding a little alcohol to the formula they’ve created a cracking, splitting, mess that allows the base coat to shine through. What could have been a nail polish nightmare turned into a trendy phenomenon! Genius!

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