August 10, 2011

The nail polish files #1: current trends

Nail Polish Trend: Crackle Nail Polish
The nail polish is particularly wonderful when applied to two contrasting colors.  All you have to do is lay down a coat of your favorite color, then apply a crackle nail polish over it.  The crackle will crack and split as it dries leaving behind an urban look. The best crackle polishes are made by OPI and China Glaze, which can both be purchased on

Nail Polish Trend: Matte Nail Polish
Matte nail polishes have been around for a while.  Some would even say that it spurred the nail polish trend movement. Matte nail polish is cool because it is the exact opposite of the glossy nail.

Nail Polish Trend: Rubber Nail Polish
I love the rubber look, and this trend is most likely here to stay for a while. Like matte nail polish, rubber nail polish has a controlled look to it.  The rubber nail polish trend is amazing!  The nail polish dries to a satin finish with just the right about of sheen.  I LOVE it! The Orly Plastix collection can be bought on Amazon too.

Nail Polish Trend: Suede Nail Polish
This new Jason Wu collection by CND Cosmetics contains silk fragments that give the nail polish a fabric-like texture. I love the ingenuity of the idea, but I'm still not sure whether I'd actually like my nails to feel like fabric...there's a reason why they're not fabric in the first place.  There’s really nothing else out there like it.  This one is a little hard to find, because CND is made for professional manicurists.  Ask your local nail salon if the have it.


  1. ooo prettttyyyy!!!!!

  2. ahaha nail polish files, nail files. i get it!! haha

  3. love the rubber nails too :)


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