June 1, 2011

Who run the world? Girls, girls!

(The above music video has a true and totally awesome message- girls freaking rock.)

But since this is a (somewhat) fashion blog, let's talk some fashion.

Beyoncé is a beast, standing next to a beast.
Get it? But seriously, B be working that dress. Take notes; Beyoncé a textbook for style. And how regal does she look in that picture? I can't even take it.

Look at that hair. That is power hair right thur [there]. Reminds me of Janelle Monae... And have no fear! Don't be afraid! She is wearing clothes. And look at that flower! Hawaii/another tropical island for the win.

Look at dem shoes! I fully respect her for walking in those shoes. Also, I love that dress. My mom would call it "shine-shine", her generic term for things-she-doesn't-understand-why-someone-would-wear-it/gaudy/blingy items. I would wear that dress if I had the body of Beyoncé combined with an extravagant event to wear it too.

                                              And is it just me, or are you getting some    
                                              major Ke$sha vibes from this? Check out    
                                              her fingers. Also, maaaaaajor love for
                                              that teal nail polish color.

And because I'm just so nice, here are some extra pictures. Just revel in their glory, ok?

Oh how I love you Beyoncé.


  1. t does love beyonce

  2. i'm getting some narnia vibes. maybe kesha in narnia

  3. To the above comment-

    I see that, I see that... good call :)
    How I love Narnia.


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