May 1, 2011

The royal wedding part 1: the ladies and the queen of sheba

In my mind every girl has to have at least two perfect dresses: the perfect little black dress and the perfect wedding dress. Though they're complete opposites (yes, one's black and the other is white!) they're nonetheless both important.

The little black dress has to fit cocktail parties and funerals while the wedding dress comes out for only one day but seems to some up your life so far. Hard job for one dress don't you think? But Kate Middleton... erm... Windsor seemed to do it right.

Being one of the many Americans who stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding, I thought that it would be nice to have some English commentary. I called up a good friend who's family was actually invited to the wedding. Sadly he had to study for his exams, so his parents went without him. Poor royal-wedding-deprived-boarding-school-stuck kid. So here he is to help commentate on the ladies of the royal wedding:

The Earl of Spencer, more specifically known to us Americans as Princess Diana's brother
and the Uncle of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Me: Oh look, there's Earl Spencer... and his Canadian fiance Karen Gordon?
Him: How should I know? The brim of her hat covers her face. It could be the Queen of Sheba for all I know!
Me: But would they have invited the Queen of Sheba. That's the question.
Him: Good point... Maybe it is her.
Me: Anyways. It looks like the Spencer girls are with them.
Him: This I have got to see. I mean they're so pretty and...
Me: Don't you have a girlfriend?
Him: Just zoom up.

The Spencer Ladies (Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza, and Lady Kitty) are the nieces of Princess Diana.
Lady Kitty on the far right is wearing a dress designed by Victoria Beckham (also in attendance).

Me: Wow. Their hats are...
Him: Relatively normal compared to others that we'll see.
Me: Not what I was going to say, but sure. The one on the very right looks like she collected trash from the highway on her hat.
Him: I wonder what makes you say that...

Him: The camera just had to zoom up on this woman.
Me: I know you're upset that you couldn't oogle at the Spencer girls longer, but at least Lady Fredrick Windsor has an interesting hat on.
Him: So that's who she is... That is one weird hat. If she goes out in the sun only one half of her face would get burnt.
Me: ...And here I thought that you were British... Well that's a wrap on our Royal Wedding segment on the very high and important ladies.
Him: And the Queen of Sheba!
Me: Her too. We'll be back for a segment on just the crazy hats that everyone wore.
Him: You mean the ladies.
Me: I think we just found your Britishness!
Him: YAY! ...erm... bloody yes!


  1. ahaha. <3 britishnness!!!

  2. Poor guy with his exams... I love the interview "format" of this though.

  3. i love the format too!!!!! and lady kitty is HOTT

  4. erm... bloody YES. SERIOUSLY. U R BEYOND BRILL


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