April 27, 2011

Mine, mine, mine!

Ooooh! Gimme gimme gimme! It's said, "Ask and ye shall receive". So consider this my asking. Yes my birthday has passed... but that''s not stopping me!

And yes, I do realize that a couple of these items are ENTIRELY not appropriate for me to wear at my age (nothing scandalous, don't worry) but hey! A girl can dream can't she? And I do plan to grow up eventually....

{ASOS Harem pants, Staple Woven Slouchy Harem Pants $134.48 $50.20; FOREVER 21 Ring, Shimmering Scattered Rhinestone Ring $5.80; FOREVER 21 Bangles, Funky Wood and Metallic 3-Bracelet Set $6.80; ASOS Jacket, Hitched Hem Trench $116.55; AMERICAN APPAREL Tutu, Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat $74; DSW Bootie, SM Women's Menlo Platform Bootie $39.94; KARMALOOP Shirt, The Mr. Madame Button-Up W/ Fringe $50; VERSACE Shoes, Leather Platform Ankle Boots (no longer available) $350}

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